Willie Brown


During the evolution of web 2.0 I noticed how television has incorporated itself more with the media. I had never noticed how many television shows use multimedia tool to help you get more involved with the television show.  Today I watched the show ESPN first take in order to gain the full multimedia experience. Before I participated in the multimedia activities, I found their online interaction boring, and annoying. They constantly interact with the online community throughout the show, posting live tweets from other celebrities and from fans. The constant fan interaction I felt distracted the viewers from the shows debate. Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless would be arguing with the virtual world, giving the fans who have learned nothing in the journalism field power to effect their opinions.  Once I finally gave in and participated in the online interactions I actually found them fun, answering their online questions and surveys made the show more appealing. I was the fan involved in the debate and I loved it, it was no longer distracting but engaging. I enjoyed that two hours of the show more than any other even catching myself excited for the show the following day. I now wish they added more interactions with the twitter and Facebook communities. I wish the show did more with answering fans questions from twitter and facebook live; I think it will bring a connection between the analyst and the fans while improving ratings.


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