Social Media Guides My Career

Social media has perks and disadvantages. For me, I see it as the perfect platform to promote and brand myself. These days the idea of branding yourself has become popular. What is your image? How do you maintain this image? When people see or hear your name what image do you want them to have of you? This is what I keep in mind when I’m on all my social media and when I’m prepping myself for the career I want.

I want to work in journalism. I specifically want to work for a magazine and I want to run my blog while also doing YouTube on the side. This sounds like a lot, but I thought long and hard about all of this. I learned that social media is crucial for my image. For my magazine career, social media is a huge part of it. I see writers for Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other publications use their social media to promote their company as well as their own work. As for blogging, people who read blogs like to keep in touch with their every move and get updates. If I’m making a fashion post one day I may go onto Instagram and post a photo of the outfit or once the blog post is up I may send out a tweet about it. Lastly, for YouTube social media is an important way to engage with your subscribers. They want to learn more about you and interacting with them on a day to day basis helps create a stronger relationship and a sense of trust with your audience.

When I look at internships and jobs a lot of them ask about social media. Companies also look to our generation for social media guidance since we are the most exposed and educated on it. Social media is everywhere these days and yes, it can be dangerous since you may have to watch what you post, but it can be beneficial. Yes, there can be the issue of creating an image that isn’t necessarily you, but you need to remind yourself to stay true to who you are. My social media is the digital image of who I am, but it is also my portfolio for who I want to become and who I know I can become.

Shanice Peters


  1. I completely agree on your post! Social media is a great platform to promote yourself and use it to you advantage. But my question is with the newest generation of kids(in middle school/going into high school) do you believe that they will see it the same way or use it to their disadvantage?

  2. Shanice,

    How jobs and internships also look at your social media is a very good point. Not only your job or an internship; also your coach, maybe even your parents or your -former- teachers can keep an eye on what you’re posting on social media. This can be dangerous, or this can be something you don’t have to worry about. It all depends on what YOU post on your social media. Think twice, I would tell my kids and friends before posting something!


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