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Since everyone else is writing about social media, I figured I should put my 2 cents into the situation. Social media in the beginning for me at least was everything I was always on when I was home, because I wasn’t allowed a smart phone until my freshmen year of high school. Checking Facebook and MySpace (for a short time) right when I got home was a routine. To think that was 9 years ago is kind of scary, posting everything that I was doing, I was the worst person because I was that guy that posted all the time and filled up your timeline. Thankfully that’s not the case anymore, I smarted up and stop doing all that. I have a old brother (10 years older) that really did educate me on the dangers of social media if used incorrectly. He told me that social media would really affect you in the future with getting a job after college or even throughout high school and college, he told me start now and it will pay off later. And I want to say I listened to him 98%. I still posts things every once and a while, but not nearly as much.

So enough history, social I want to say is a great way to stay connected to old friend from the past or even stay connected to your current friend with tagging them in a funny picture you saw on Instagram or a video on Facebook. I like social media to see what’s going on in the world whether it is about the people I’m following or friends with, or news and current events I see on my feed. Social media is an amazing tool to people, but it can also be very dangerous if used foolishly and incorrectly, we should figure out that fine line between the two.


J Bettini

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  1. Joe,

    I liked reading your blog, and especially the way you ended it. Figuring out between the foolishness and usefulness of social media could be very interesting. That made me think: will there ever be a ‘safe’ way to use social media? I’m sure most people in our generation know how to safely use the social media and the Internet, but I’m sure some older and younger people will click that one ‘wrong’ link, which will give them viruses on their computers, tablets or phones.

    Also, funny how I can relate to your, let’s say, posting habits. I used to post things on Facebook like: “going to play field hockey now”, or “I’m bored at school”. I wasn’t necessarily the annoying girl on Facebook, but most of my friends definitely knew what I was doing during the day…


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