The Anti-Social Sides Of Media

Growing up I was never allowed to have a MySpace account because my parents were extremely over protective. I had to ask permission to have a Facebook and so on… I have seen how social media has changed myself and others around me. There is this term that I think is growing- “social media friends”. These are the people that will comment, like, retweet- you name it on your social media accounts but when it comes to face-to-face communication will be silent. I have fallen victim to it to, it’s so much easier to tell someone online ” So Pretty!” than it is in person- I’m not sure if it is do to laziness or fear of actually having to communicate with people in person but people start their friendships by social media- which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because the Internet has brought so many people together form all parts of the world. The issue I see is that people are hesitant towards speaking to one another in person, they would rather text someone if they want to hang out than walk down the hall and just knock on their door. I think social media exposes so much about a person, your profile, what you put out there is a definition of who you are, what you support or represent. I think people try to create another identity on their social media, if they are insecure with who they are, they want themselves to be more appealing online. This was a little all over the place, but there are pros and cons to everything, and social media has exposed both of them.

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