Don’t Freak Out

The Zika Virus, a new epidemic that got our attention over the last couple months.

On the Media was very interesting to listen to, especially when Jonathan Katz was explaining how he dealt with this disease and how, even though he got bit, tried to prevent himself from those mosquitos. When I traveled to Africa, there was a mosquito that carried a different disease than Malaria. I did the same thing as Katz and could relate to him when he was talking about wearing long pants, 100% Deet and bug spray everywhere he went.

Zika is spreading to different parts of the world now, but we shouldn’t freak out. As Katz said: “There might have been one person in Boston with the Zika virus, but that doesn’t mean everyone in that area is in danger of getting it.” And I agree with him, especially if you think of where we live and… It’s winter! You most likely won’t see any mosquitos here on the East Coast. You might find them in Florida or Puerto Rico, but I wouldn’t worry too much here. Then again, if you would get the virus, it is not deadly. Well, if you aren’t a pregnant woman. In that case, your baby could be affected.

I would suggest everyone to listen to Katz and to keep the bigger picture in mind. Preparing yourself for diseases, hurricanes and tornadoes, even though you might not even be in risk, is always a good idea.


Bregje Smits

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  1. Hey Bregje!

    I really enjoyed your post because I actually recently traveled to Puerto Rico and am planning on returning in the next few weeks. Naturally my family has had their concerns about the virus and now I have a great response for them, it’s not deadly!

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