Social Media and Relationships

Social Media has a great impact on relationships today. People look to social media for approval on their relationships. Are they cute enough ? Do they fit the criteria of favorite couple ? Social media also causes a lot of stress on relationship as well. With the privacy of social media now it is impossible not to think about who your boyfriend/ girlfriend is talking to or who pictures they are liking/ commenting on behind their backs. A display of this is the new song that was recently released by Yo Gotti called Down In the DM. This song is a perfect example of how social media causes stress in relationships because as Yo Gotti says, “yeah this your man I hate to be him, it go down in the DM”, meaning that yeah a girl can be in a relationship but if she’s stunning then men will come from any and everywhere to just get a piece of her. Sliding into females’ DMs on instagram is a very common thing now and days.

I have to admit, in my relationship now, I have had a few people hit me up on social media in my messages to talk to me even though they knew I had a significant other. It is a distraction especially if the person is a very attractive person but if a person wants a relationship to work they will make sure that happens no matter how hard it is. Many relationships end quickly because of the unfaithfulness this generation is subject too.

Sarah Kelley



  1. Sarah,

    When I think of relationships and social media I immediately think of the following: “Are they Facebook official?”
    It looks like, with social media these days, as if everything has to be ‘accepted’ by social media first, before it’s true. So, if someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend but the relationship status is not shown on Facebook, are they really together? It is absolutely ridiculous!

    It is very weird that random people, now that you are in a relationship, are sending you messages and trying to distract you!

  2. Social media has definitely changed the face of relationships along with technology. Now there is more stress in young relationships because there is also social media elements. Its like what is this guy I’m dating actually doing on social media? Can anyone really be trusted with their social media life and their real life? Everything is torn with complication these days and social media definitely ads to it.

  3. I found this really interesting because as we discussed in class, this is a great example of how we are evolving with technology. I’ve limited myself to only one or two platforms of social media because of all the nuances that come with them but I still find that I can get pulled into all the excitement and gossip that follows.

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