Let’s go to the movies (?)

Someone asked me: do you go to the movies a lot? I answered no, I don’t.
Normally, I don’t go to the movie theatre to see new movies. Unless it’s a Quentin Tarantino, a Disney movie like Finding Dory everyone’s been waiting for, or a really bad horror movie to scare the sh*t out of myself.

So, that’s actually quite often, right? Even though every movie comes out on DVD, I think people prefer to watch movies on their laptop or to stream them -illegally- online or on Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV/and so on. At least, I do. I can’t remember the last time I bought a DVD. And when I do, it must be a movie I really, really, really enjoyed watching.

Sometimes I wonder how long movie theaters will stay, kind of like the print media. I know movies are more popular in a sense, and occasionally watching a movie on a huge IMAX screen has its charms, but still.
With the innovation technology and more and more movies being available online, I wonder how long the industry will last. Unless, as explained in this article, movie theaters will step up their game, too.

I went to see How To Be Single in White Plains last Friday. Hmm, there went $13 for a movie that wasn’t good – in my opinion. Ugh, might as well watch it online next time…

  • Bregje Smits



  1. I usually am a frequent-movie goer like yourself, but I completely AGREE- “How To Be Single” was disappointing and actually I left feeling more guilty about myself than when I first walked in, it was unrealistic. I do however think, that movie cinemas will not be “extinct” any time soon. Due to the amount of hype behind them I don’t think the trend of going to the movies will die down.

  2. In today’s society people have became comfortable. Personally, I do think it could be a hassle going to the movies, you need to find parking, need to get there in time, have to be quiet etc. etc. I agree with you when say that you might as well watch it online next time. It is just easier.

  3. I think that the movies eventually will have to come up with new and innovate ideas to keep people coming, but not quite yet. The classic dinner and movie date is still very much a thing even if its not something that seems as popular to do alone anymore. I like going to the movies for the experience more then going to see a movie. Sometimes its as easy as being able to have a simple chilled night out.

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