Anyone and Everyone Does It

Do you need a degree to write a book? No.

Do you need a degree in anything to be successful? No.

Let’s think, let’s look at NY Times Bestseller’s List, Teresa Giudice who I adore, ( NJ pride!) has her new book debuted. Although the story is probably interesting about being in prison and all, people are solely reading it because IT IS Teresa Giudice’s book.

Every actor, singer, you name it has or is publishing a book, which makes me wonder… (when’s my big break going to come) but anyways, people are reading books nowadays because of who the author is. Whereas, a few years ago people read books because they heard the storyline was good, or something along those lines. I usually don’t base my judgement about whether to read a book solely upon who read it. But that’s hypocritical also, because I will read anything John Greene publishes because in fact he IS John Greene.

So I guess I can’t really sit here and say that it’s wrong because I in fact do it myself. But I wanted to point out how fame value has increased because of this. Khloe Kardashian’s book has done SO well, who is to say she is an established writer, who knows if she’s taken a literature class or not- she’s doing fairly well because of it.

I guess it goes to say that you don’t necessarily need a degree to write a book, being famous helps and all. I suppose it’s a wonderful thing, that all these books are bringing people together, and making connections, creating reliability between fans and celebrities. Right?


Amanda Cirocco


  1. It’s kind of the same with movies. When you hear the director or the actor’s in a movie are great, you will probably go see the movie – even though the story line might suck. As you pointed out with authors of books, I admit it, I do the same. When I know it’s a good author, I’ll read the book. I might even read the back of the book to somewhat know what it’s about, but then again, it’s the author I am really focused on here (which is weird when I think about it now)!

  2. I completely agree with your post, and I also believe that if you have something to say – say it! Express yourself! And what better way in doing so is through writing a book?! Personally, I don’t think it should matter if you have a degree or if you are a professional in order to write. As long as the vital skills are there, then just write!

  3. I don’t think you have to have a degree to write a book. You could have the worst grammar and punctuation in the world but befriend an editor and they’d help you. John Greene is pretty good, I’d 100% read something of his if I came into contact with it. I just never had a strong attraction in following a select few authors. I’d rather read one book by one hundred authors than one hundred books by one author. It’s just a personal opinion, I think it keeps reading and writing more diverse.

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