Kids Expressing Themselves

In today’s society we all know that it is impossible to not be exposed to different type of media throughout a normal day of the week. There are televisions, computers, flyers, billboards and other media sources circulating in the open for everyone to see. I want to discuss how this effects the youth in the world, because comparing myself at 13 with the 13 year-olds today, the differences are incredible, and actually scary.

The young people in today’s society,  who have always been surrounded by screens, and constantly been “online” have made multitasking as a part of everyday life. They have grown up with technology, unlike most adults who were introduced to the latter in life, such as myself. I got my first smartphone in high school, in contrary to my 10 year younger little brother who was 2 years old when he got his first iPad… Sickening – I know. However, since these kids are grown up in this technological era, they easier follow the development of technology and the latest trends. This means more exposure to social media, and higher risk to be influenced by other people around the world. Now, it is easier for anyone who wants to to express him- or herself.

In a previous post I mentioned that for me, social media is a vital part of my everyday life, and I love using it – i need to use it. However, it also comes with a part scares me. The “standard” look and life of a 13 year old today is incredibly different from when I was 13. My little brother is 13, and comparing old pictures of me when I was 13 and looking at my hobbies and what I was doing at 13 with his, is just impossible. He look like a man with a baby face. He is wearing the same clothes, playing the same video games, and have the same phone as my big brother, who’s 25… This also goes for all of his friends. I feel like due to social media, they are trying to express themselves and uphold a certain standard, their posts are depicting a reality that I for sure didn’t see 10 years ago. They need to express themselves in their own way, which is great on one hand, but on the other, what happened to being a kid?

I don’t know, it does freak me out a little about how fast the kids born in technological era are growing up. I can’t tell a 13 year old girl apart from a 18 year old these days. Maybe I’m biased because I am overprotecting of my little brother, but it is just crazy to think about.


-Alex Carlbom



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  1. This is so humorous because I feel exactly the same way. I feel as if we grew up in a generation where social media and technology were developing so as it is growing we are growing along with it unlike how we look at younger siblings and seeing how different they are compared to us because they are emerged in it just right after birth.

    I just remember me getting a phone (and not a very good one) when I was 14 and now I see 14 year olds with the latest iPhone and iPad.

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