Music Taste: Then vs Now

Music is universal. Everyone listens to it; everyone has their favorite genre or artist. Music is open and creative. It can be specific to you. Music taste grows over time. When I was growing up I use to think that Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter were the best musicians ever. I use only listen to classic Disney tunes and only enjoyed pop music. Now that I’m older, I still have my throwback moments to Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter, but I also have expanded my music taste. You can find anything in my iTunes Library. Rap, Pop, Indie, Hard Rock, Jazz, etc. I’m an open book to the world of music.

My point is our musical taste is shaped from the time that we are young. We were the generation who loved Hilary Duff. Why? She was the main character on the popular show Lizzie McGuire, had many albums and went on tour. She was a huge actress, singer and was the idol of every little girl. You opened every teen magazine and there she was. Not long after came Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus who had the same career path like Hilary Duff. In the recent years now it’s all about Bridget Mendler, Zendaya or Bella Thorne. It’s a new wave of admirers for a younger audience.

We all start somewhere with music and maybe it wasn’t the cliché Disney or Nickelodeon way a lot of children start with. I know in my house at a young age besides Hilary Duff I enjoyed listening to Ray Charles or Michael Jackson. I use to watch Michael Jackson’s music videos all day long. My aunt loved Backstreet Boys so I to grew to love them.

Music is constantly growing and changing, but it’s also growing and changing for people as they grow up. As they experience new things and discover new artists, but where we started in music is still apart of us.

Shanice Peters


  1. I agree with you completely! You will always have the mainstream music that is shoved into our lives by advertisement. I also noticed that when I was younger (and still today) that my older sister influences a lot of my music. She acted as a guide, I took over her Ipod Nano when she got a new one. Thus, I listened to and enjoyed everything she did. Now that I am an adult (or self-sufficient) I can get my own music and figure out what I like, which is still basically everything.

  2. I think this is so accurate of how our music tastes change. I know when I hear a throwback song on the radio I get excited but at the same time my new taste in music varies so much.

  3. I think you bring up an interesting point regarding music and Disney Channel and how things have drastically changed. I can remember growing up and how television shows directly influenced my taste in music. Hannah Montana and Hilary Duff were people that I watched on television along with also listening to their music, and now I cant think of many shows where I do that.

  4. Hey Shanice,

    I totally agree! My music taste has definitely evolved as I’ve gotten older and my go-to songs now are absoultely nothing like they were 10 or even 5 years ago. And I also agree with Tori about how excitable we get when we hear a throwback from way back when which just reinforces your notion of how music always remains a part of us.

  5. This post is 100% on the point. It is true as we change our music changes. When I was younger all I listened to was Gospel music 24/7. I didn’t even know what r&b, pop, jazz or any of that stuff was, I mean unless I seen it in a movie or something. But I lived in a christian household where “worldly” things weren’t allowed. Now that I’m older yes I still listen to gospel but now I also listen to a wide range of genres.

  6. When I read your post, I felt like it was something I could’ve written due to own experiences with music. when getting exposed to more and more music styles, ones palette changes, and it has been so throughout my upbringing. It is interesting to see that most people share this thought about music, and its effect on us.

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