The Game Of Thrones

I have been a Game of Thrones fan for quite some time now… I started out just watching the episodes until recently a co-worker suggested that I should read the books. I love reading so instantly I jumped without hesitation until he informed me that it was 704 pages. And I repeat 704 pages. This 704 pages runs down 33 hours of audio.

So I downloaded the eBook and began my journey and even only having finished a few chapters the differences between George R. R. Martin’s writing style and how the episodes are displayed are drastically different.

Taking one scene in particular that struck me from one of the first chapters. There is a scene where the Stark family encounters a pack of direwolves in the woods whose mother was dead. In the episode version they make fun of the King of the Norths bastard child when there is a runt of the litter saying, “he is the runt the bastard just like you.” However when I was reading the book, the author beautifully wrote that John Snow looked at the wolf and was proclaimed with pride that it was his.

I think that film play has more pressure to create drama and conflicts within stories so as viewers of these shows we are hooked. The writing style of Martin is very different from the what is portrayed in the episodes, some of the names are abbreviated, scenes cut short, and things drastically changed. I acknowledge that they can’t every scene from the these thousand page stories, however what they choose to take can drastically change the portrayal of a story.



  1. Hey Alyson,

    I really enjoyed this post because I’m a huge GOT fan as well and although I’ve tried to read the books (unsuccessfully, they’re SO long). But i found your post really interesting because I remember reading an article last year about how HBO is really breaking away from R. R. Martin’s story which is slightly disappointing because of how detailed and emotional his writing is but also I guess slightly exciting because the television series continues to leave me on the edge of my seat and I really can’t wait for the premiere of the next season!

    1. I would have to agree with Alyson on this, I am a huge Game Of Thrones fan as well, I binged the whole series my winter break and don’t regret a single minute. I haven’t read the books, but once the final season comes out in April, I will most definitely take a look at the books and really make connections on what was different and what was similar.

  2. Personally, I don’t know anything about the GOF but your statements about books that turn into shows and movies I can relate to. It is so frustrating to have a book you love come alive on screen but when you watch it, to you or the audience, they leave some of the best parts out. It really does change the story completely.

  3. I have never watched Game Of Thrones, but what you are describing in your blogposts sounds familiar. In written works that becomes dramatized, I think that a lot of information and details from the texts are getting left out, and tweaked in order to catch the viewers attention – just like you said.

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