Dr. Miami~Snapchat

As our semester projects loom in the distance- I recently came across a SnapChat that was on the quick and up called Dr. Miami.

When you follow him on snapchat you find yourself in the operating room with him during his plastic surgeries. This isn’t a hoax either- they are real surgeries with real patients that agree to have their whole procedures live snapped across the world.

Dr. Miami describes himself as a, “social media freak,” taking his phone wherever he goes and being sure to let all of his followers constantly know what he is doing whether it be giving a butt lift, eating a sandwich, or talking with colleagues.

By incorporating this social media into his everyday life as marketing he has been able to incorporate his personality into his work making him happy and his bank account full as well. It’s a brilliant concept really and one of the best examples I have seen lately of taking a social media platform and conforming into personal marketing making his practice off the charts popular.

By potential clients watching the surgeries online they have become more and more comfortable with him and travel across the country just to get a consultation with this snapchat famous plastic surgeon. By putting his surgeries into real time, having a stellar personality, and properly marketing himself- he has become an instant success.


SOOO… taking this concept I really would like to explore the evolution of snapchat and how personalized marketing has led to certain successes within personal businesses and companies. Why a picture/video is worth a thousand words.. or maybe dollars in this case.

If you want to follow Dr. Miami on snapchat- which I would recommend ~~~ therealdrmiami

-Alyson Chase

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