I’m feelin’ the Bern! Are you feelin’ the “Bern”?


Are you feeling the “bern”? Some say they do, some say they don’t, and some say they haven’t heard the amount they’ve needed to hear to decide. This is about Bernie Sanders and his coverage—or lack of coverage—in the media. Bernie Sanders is one of the democratic presidential candidates; a Jewish socialist in his 70s who has gained quite a following with the millennials. Although he has this great following, not everyone knows who he is due to lack of presence in the media.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has everyone talking about him. Every so often he says something that stirs up discussion, getting him a lot of coverage in the media. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is and everyone knows what he’s all about. Donald Trump is getting all of this attention and is loving every bit of the publicity. He is getting infinite media coverage compared to Bernie Sanders—a study was done that shows that Bernie Sanders receives basically no media coverage compared to Donald Trump.

When someone mentions that they have no idea who Bernie Sanders is, I am sent into shock. Whenever I go onto Tumblr and sometimes other social media platforms, Sanders is all I see when the presidential election pops up on my dashboard. The post is either a list of reasons why Bernie Sanders is a good guy, or a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton post invaded with commenters advocating why Bernie Sanders is a better guy than them. I admit, even I am a little biased towards Sanders after seeing so many blog posts praising the man. This is no doubt due to my tendency to follow tons of Democratic “bloggers” on Tumblr. I don’t make this happen on purpose, but I tend to follow minorities on Tumblr because I can relate to them, and they tend to be Democratic.

I thought that Sanders had substantial coverage and acquaintance with the general public, but a lot of people believe otherwise due to the lack of media coverage compared to Trump. But, with the amount of Sanders I see online, I feel like knowledge on him should spread around pretty easily in our digital world. Plus, with the amount of people in favor of Sanders due to his online presence, I have hope that he will do well in this election.

-Katie Leiper

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  1. In order for Bernie Sanders to have more presence in the media, he must exert himself into the media. Look at the generation Bernie represents and look at who his voter appeal targets. A large percentage of Bernie Sanders followers are kids our age because of the the forefront of his campaign with free college and the legalization of weed across the country. Bernie Sanders will never get as much media coverage as Donald Trump, however if he marketed himself better through the use of social media the generation of voters he appeals to might gain more supporters or become larger.

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