Michigan vs. NY

Over spring break I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of the many differences of this area was the way people communicated. Everyone was super friendly compared to the tri-state area. A man offered to take my luggage down from above the plane. When I directly got off of the flight people were greeting me and you could see an atmosphere that was welcoming. When I was out for coffee one day with headphones in someone approached me. I found it to be weird that this notion of not caring if someone has headphones in isn’t an excuse to interrupt them.

The culture is so laid back- people say hello to one another on the streets even if they don’t necessarily know them. The hospitality was much more sincere than it is here. It made me uncomfortable at some points because I am not used to this type of behavior. Once I got onto my plane to board I could see the difference of communication. I saw a woman struggling a few rows back trying to lift up her bag and no one would help her- even myself didn’t offer to leave my window seat to help.

I was amazed to see such a huge difference only a few states away. It was cool to experience a different culture and atmosphere for a few days and learn about  the interaction of people in a community.


  1. Over spring break I also had the experience of going to be in a different culture for a week- I went to San Antonio Texas. In San Antonio there was a completely different culture. I expected there to be slight differences because of the obvious geographic differences between New York and Texas, however the differences in the people were very obvious as well. In New York, we have a blend of all culture- if you were to walk down the streets of New York you would see many different types of people. In San Antonio I did not see one person who was African American or any other culture. Also, what was a difference was the willingness to speak to strangers and the pace everything was in Texas. In Texas any stranger would talk to you and be very genuine and also everything moved much slower- from the cheaper Ubers that drove at 15 miles per hour to the rate people walked to the downtown streets there was no hurry in Texas.

    Its crazy that we live in this big continent and the amount of sub-cultures we have within that we are yet to explore.

  2. I totally feel the same. I love traveling to different states and seeing how much different the culture is today. My favorite difference I’ve ever seen was when I went to Canada. I know Canada is a different country but it borders the US so closely that I was not expecting it to be as different as it was. I loved the culture there and how friendly everyone is.

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