Violence at Trump rallies

Ever since presidential candidates were announced, there has been extreme controversy with one candidate in specific, Donald Trump. The entrepreneur, television personality and now presidential candidate, has voiced his blunt opinion towards issues like immigration that have upset many Americans. From this, Trump rallies have consisted of violent dangerous protests and riots, spiking a conversation on how Donald Trump is a supporter of violence. During a rally in Kentucky, a black female student was pushed, kicked and verbally abused with racial slurs. At another rally in Alabama, Trump supporters tackled a Black Lives Matter protester; Trump later said that the protester got what he deserved. After almost all of these incidents, Trump has been asked why he does not encourage his supporters to react non violently and he has responded quite uncaringly towards the subject. He told one ABC News host that he has millions of supporters so, riots and protests should be expected. As for the violence aspect, he says that his supporters are very unhappy and that they are reacting according to their beliefs. As the presidential candidacy narrows down, Americans should not only consider the analytical political beliefs of our candidates but, also how they react socially towards violence. If Donald Trump was elected as president, we must consider how his beliefs towards violence could affect our country’s security.

Willie Brown

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