Are mircocelebs real people?

Obviously  I think just as human beings that scroll the internet almost all day,we are always aware of not to believe everything online.

One thing that I especially notice among our generation is that people create these online personas that get people interested in them.

I remember last class, I mentioned mircocelebrities for a quick second and I guess in the spirit of my internal hatred for them, I decided to blog about them.

According to online sources, a mircocelebrity is a person who gains a cult following  through the internet. For growing businesses, many refer to using mircocelebrities as an inexpensive way to promote products or services to their cults.

A mircocelebrity that I’ve followed prior to being “internet famous” is a   Jose Ayala. Originally from Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S at a young age,he has a mass audience on all social media platforms, usually younger teens anywhere between the ages of 12-18. His instagram page has over 650k followers. He known especially in NYC, where he lives. His feed usually revolves around his daily life, eccentric fashion styles and also sexually humorous memes and references.

I just sit here and think like why do people like him get such a big fanbase when they live pretty average lives? Jose has sponsored many online brands targeted towards millennials. His online fanbase also rivals to more known Puerto Rican celebrities, such as singer Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin. As of now he is ranked #6 in Famous PR celebrities.  His fans he always refers to as his “babies” and usually have an intense support for him to the point where he has to do meet-and-greets at certain venues all around New York and travel to other states. One of his fans are so crazed for him that the image on her credit card is of him.

Its also makes me think why do regular people celebrate regular people? Has online culture become to swallow that when one person that is seen outside of the norm becomes a popular? Why is it more easy to embrace something that may be seen as weird in the online world than in real life?





  1. I think its crazy how people can become ‘famous’ from doing absolutely nothing. They sit on their phone and find a way to get a lot of social media followers and bam, instant fame. Even when people become famous for silly things such as Damn Daniel it kinda shows how easy it is to get people’s attention.

  2. I completely agree with this post about microcelebs. My two cents in this matter is, whenever I go scroll through Facebook, I see all these video of funny things of funny people and it is very amusing, but at the same time people have to realize most of them are either have the same lifestyle, income, etc. and they are “famous” i really lost where i was going with this but i am going to leave you with this… is the word famous getting more and more invaluable?

  3. i completely agree with you. It is insane how people can blow up like that, just out of nowhere.. Well, good for them I guess. haha, same with the “Damn Daniel” – guy. He literally got famous because his friend recorded Daniel and saying “Damn Daniel”, and now he have a lifetime supply of Vans. incredible, just incredible..!

  4. Its really crazy how this has changed into such a big thing. Also when we talked about that in our advertising class. They are making funny videos or promoting something, and suddenly going viral. It seems so easy to just come up with something as simple as the damn daniel video, and then end up with a lifetime supply of Vans and being featured on Ellen.

  5. I loved how both our projects connected. A micro celebrity is also like a majority of YouTubers since they blow up easily too. It was great working with you for our semester project!

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