Campaign Expenses

With the buzz of contending election candidates comes an over abundance of advertising that is”stunningly lame and don’t work”. I found this segment from OTM this week to be interesting because you always notice these advertisements that are seemingly filmed and scripted poorly- but that is usually WHY you remember it so vividly.

“you see an ad on monday, on tuesday…. on wednesday you’ve forgotten”

From the podcast, the speaker mentioned that”going around and talking to people, if you engage people and talk the longer the better turnout shoots up”. With the recent news of ┬áMarco Rubio dropping out of the race the millions of dollars he spent on advertising couldn’t even win him his home state. I didn’t expect to hear such big numbers that are taken to advertise but after listening to the podcast it makes sense as to why it is such an expense.

“you want to keep control, if you have to depend on people your building up a problem for yourself.”

Amanda Cirocco




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  1. I think that most politicians need to focus more on marketing themselves, as opposed to bringing down the other candidates. If they want to be remembered they need to find a better way to stand out.

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