Where Do You Listen To Your Music?

As I sat down to think of a really good blog post, I ended up spending an hour watching music videos on YouTube. We can all agree that Walk the Moon is a pretty decent band and that Taylor Swift does have outstanding music videos, but where and why do you listen to your music?

For homework purposes, I stick to Pandora. Mumford & Sons playlist because its chill and laid back (I won’t be tempted to spend hours watching music videos).  If I am hardcore car jamming than I hop on over to my friends Spotify for “Arinn’s Shitty Playlist” which is a 300 (and growing) mixture of different artists, decades and genres.

Either I have been too lazy or broke, but iTunes hasn’t been a big one for me. I’m not saying I download illegally, I actually gave that up a year or so ago. I just haven’t seen the purpose for going from my computer, iPad and iPhone to sync all the music together (so, maybe I’m just lazy).

My roommates father works for iHeartRadio, so she “grew up” using that music platform. She’s told me that she isn’t “technically suppose to use other sources” but still does on occasion.

In the iTunes App Store, under top charts, the ranking goes from YouTube, Pandora and then Spotify.I feel like even thought YouTube is used for music, since it has numerous videos to watch that aren’t specifically music related, that is why its downloaded more often.

But my question to you is this; how many music platforms do you use? Do you still have an iPod? Are CD’s still your way of life in the music world? What about a record collection? I’d be pretty damn impressed by a record collection.

Arinn Williams


  1. I think pandora is really the most popular for most people, especially for me. I do also like Spotify but it really bothers me that certain artists (like Taylor Swift even though I’m not a Swift fan) are not on there because of their lawsuits which I find to be just greed.

  2. I still make CD’s especially for my car even though I can make a playlist on my iPhone I like the feeling of having it tangible and labeling it “Country Music 3/13”. I use Spotify mostly I find so much music through it and if I really enjoy the song I will usually purchase it on iTunes.

  3. I haven’t really thought about this before, because I totally see myself as a Spotify user. However, thinking about it, I do listen to music on YouTube, or other platforms, if the song isn’t out on Spotify yet, or if the singer doesn’t have their music on Spotify (like Taylor Swift).
    So I guess I can’t describe myself as a Sportify user exclusively.

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