Social Media Prays For Brussels

As we all know by now, Brussels experienced two major attacks at an airport and a subway station, leading to 31 deaths and over 300 injuries. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. There have been raids taking place throughout Belgium in hopes to find some more information. People have started comparing the attacks to the attacks that took place in Paris back in November.

Like the Paris attacks, social media became a support system. People reposted images of the Belgium flag in different forms of art work on Instagram and shared their condolences in Facebook posts, tweets, and on other platforms. I couldn’t help, but to realize that it seems social media has become a platform for us to not just show off pictures, videos and a different side to ourselves, but to also show support for various causes. The #PrayForBrussels was trending just like the #PrayForParis was trending back in Novemeber. People have started to argue about the hashtags, claiming we should not only pray for Brussels, but the other countries not noted in the media for suffering from the attacks. This developed #PrayForTheWorld as a way of including everyone who may be affected by ISIS or other attacks.

Here are a couple of images being reposted on social media since the attacks in Brussels:

Shanice Peters


  1. I think it is amazing how the entire world can come together online and share their thoughts and prayers about difficult issues that are going on in the world. As you mention, the social media is not only for personal use theses days, but also a way to show support to one another.

  2. I think its great how social media can help raise awareness for such serious issues. I honestly did not even know what happened until I saw something on Instagram and looked into it. Social media really helps spread news to people who cannot find it other ways.

    1. To play devils advocate, do you believe that social media has had a more positive or a more negative affect on sensitive topics going on around our world.

  3. I think that social media has brought people together in such dark times like these events. So much awareness is brought and people are able to connect with one another. I found out about these attacks through some of the images you displayed above.

  4. I think that this is one of the major benefits of having a hashtag campaign. Such a large portion of the world, despite the different geographic location and languages use social media and this connects us all. Twenty years ago this was not even a thought- we would read about these tragedies on the internet maybe, but mostly on print. There is an evident transition in social media which helps when raising attention to global issues.

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