The Sky Is Orange

Wait, What? The Sky is Orange? Sometimes with the occasional beautiful sunset or sunrise we are shocked by the skies ability to change to such different shades from its natural blues, however for 98% of the time you look into the sky and it is blue with white puffy clouds in it.

Predictable, right? Well some politicians may argue the same before this election that politics usually have a certain predictability to them and arguably they have a point if you take away this last election and the two times Obama has been elected.

Politics through the ages have fallen into a certain equation for the most part. Two white males one leaning liberal, the other leaning conservative run against each other and the country votes primarily on what party they are in occasionally voting in the opposite party. Nothing to crazy, nothing to write home about. With the election of President Obama, he was able to break these molds a little by becoming the first African American male president to be elected and use social media aggressively to help him land his throne but there was nothing too extreme; the sky might have changedĀ from different blues but it was nothing we didn’t see coming.

However, with this election the sky is orange. Months ago Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEights told America that there was no way Donald Trump would become the nominee. Now look where we are, Trump is the front-runner for getting the Republican Nominee position.

So what makes this election so unpredictable?

The rules of politics are no longer in play this year. Politics are changing. Trump is not a technically a politician and arguably a rude and terrible human however he continues to be leading the charge to be the next president of the United States. However it appears that the country is pushing for change, are we really ready as a nation for the sky to be orange? Are we ready to push aside the traditional politics for something different?

Well its like what they always say, the grass always does seem greener on the other side…

-Alyson Chase


  1. I think it’s really interesting how you are describing this election as unpredictable, because this is exactly how I feel about it; not even being American. Are these politicians really discussing political issues? As you said, is Trump even a real politician? I’m wondering who can break more ‘molds’ as Obama did. We’ll see what the elections bring us.

  2. I think from the very beginning, people (myself included) have be constantly surprised by the events of this election because you’re right, the rules of politics don’t apply in this election anymore. And that’s kinda scary. Don’t you think?

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