Aaron’s Law

After Aaron Swartz death, two years later law makers were trying to pass a bill, for the second time, that will soften the terms or lay off the penalty of data theft. They call this law, Aaron’s law. Aaron’s Law is just a reintroduction of the same law lawmakers were trying to pass in 2013. Hopefully this time congress will push it through. Aaron’s law would help keep low level violators out of trouble with the government. As of right now, hacking or accessing an computer without permission of owner is a federal crime, which can lead to hard time for a minor lawbreaker. Aaron’s law will narrow down the CFAA, which is Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, so small minor violations like breaking a software’s service agreement will not lead to hard jail time and federal charges. Aaron’s law is supposed to reform the CFAA and not focus on minor lawbreakers such as Aaron Swartz, but to focus on the real computer hackers and threats to national security. The CFAA is harmful to computer researchers like Swartz because it exposes researches to liability and punishment at the same terms and level as the dangerous big time hackers. Aaron’s law will be able to protect them and not cause minor lawbreakers to end up like he did and take their own lives just trying to make information accessible for everyone.


-Sarah Kelley

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