Algorithms, or Newsfeed?

When I log into Facebook, I can’t say I’m seeing a “newsfeed” anymore. Sometimes I come across posts from my friends and family, other times I see CNN news posts and funny videos. A newsfeed used to be statuses from your friends, family, what’s going on in the world. But now, I am just seeing the same videos, weird memes and posts where other people get tagged in.

Also, when I’m shopping for new Nikes, bags, jackets, or whatever it may be, the next second my Facebook “newsfeed” is filled with advertisements of the clothes or things I was looking for. I’m obviously getting tracked on what I’m doing, which is scary.

Most of the time it is the algorithms on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What I was looking at before, that’s what I will be seeing everywhere because of these algorithms – not a newsfeed with spontaneous posts.

Not only algorithms are following you. Your location on your phone is being tracked everywhere you go, even if you switch off your location preferences for certain apps.

In some ways being tracked could be helpful, but at the same time this could also mess with your privacy.


  • Bregje Smits



  1. Facebook has definitely changed in the last five years. Facebook is trying to so hard to stay alive with competition like twitter, instagram, and snapchat. Facebook is no longer a place to document happy moments and memories and connect with friends and family. The amount of advertisements and spam on facebook makes it more unbearable than ever.

  2. agree with alyson on this comment, i feel that Facebook is only a means of getting the most information on someone, twitter and instagram are the new “hip” and “hot” social media platforms now.

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