Don’t You Forget About Me: Turn On Post Notifications

If you haven’t heard, Instagram is changing the way you view your Instagram feed. Currently, you see your Instagram feed in chronological order and are able to see all the posts from the people you follow. You could like each photo, comment on some and always be in the loop. Now, Instagram is changing the feed so you can only see posts relevant to you and what they believe you would be interested in. Meaning you won’t see your feed chronologically anymore and therefore you may miss posts from friends that you would have liked to have seen posts from.

Although this change may not seem like a big deal to some, I see it as a huge deal to the image people give off on social media. This will impact the so called microcelebrities because unless their followers turn on post notifications, they will not see most of their posts. Then again, if Instagram “recommends” a post from that specific person then you would still be in the loop. This also means for microcelebrities that likes can potentially go down, leading to less popularity in their posts and potentially less deals with companies. Today, there has been images being posted on Instagram asking followers to please turn on post notifications so they can stay in the loop.

Despite this, I also feel that this will ruin the personal aspect of Instagram. Your personal feed where you can stay in the loop with all your followers will now be taken over by Instagram’s new feature. I don’t want to know what Instagram thinks is most relevant to me, I want to know what ALL my friends are doing.

What are your opinions on this?

Shanice Peters


  1. I think that Instagram is going to far. The beauty of instagram is the ability to stroll through and be able to see what has been posted lately. We already have to go through the process of following what we want to follow, now we have to subscribe to what we want to see. I follow so many accounts on Instagram that i love, now I have to go an extra step to view what I love. Grrrrr

  2. I wonder if this is a hoax as many rumors have been with social media. Although, I thought these changes were supposed to be implemented yesterday but I have turned on my notifications for some of the people I follow- mostly micro celebrities. I don’t think the users of Instagram are going to respond well to these changes as I am not fond of them.

  3. I really agree with you and I don’t support this change either. Instagram is really the only social media platform I have, so to be told that MY newfeed that I have more or less carefully selected is going to now depend on an algorithm is really upsetting news. I also don’t have any notifications for my apps turned on because it’s too distracting for me so I wonder how much that will affect what I see.

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