Islam vs. Extreem Islam: What we NEED to know

The recent ISIS attacks have put the world on high alert. And if there’s one thing that Brussels, Paris, even 9/11 has taught us it is that there is a significant difference between Islam and Extreme Islam. Unfortunately, the acts of a few are so powerful and able to instill so much fear and hatred, that people are hiding behind their fears rather than acknowledging that not all muslims are in fact terrorists.

What happened is Brussels is all over the news, as it should be, because these acts are becoming increasingly, and frighteningly more frequent. This is where things become even more difficult. On one hand, political leaders around the world are being called to help with the refugee crisis. On the other hand, those claiming responsibilities for the attacks are saying that that’s how they got their operatives into these countries in the first place. How do you grapple with a situation where the very future of the world is at stake?

This weeks “On the Media,” guest and former ISIS hostage, Nicolas Henin, discussed how our actions out of fear have continued to give this terrorist organization an upper hand. Now, those suffering the consequences are the people who have already suffered unimaginable amounts. The nearly seven million Syrian refugees displaced from their homes.

The people who are running from war and from terror, the refugees, they cannot be blamed for those who are the real terrorists. The terrorists want us to be afraid. This is their number one goal and mission. They want us to build walls between our countries and give in to their demands. But if we do that, then they have won. What we need to do is keep our unity, work together, and declare universally that we are not afraid and we will simply not surrender to terror.

What these walls suggest are not a policy towards safety, it is institutionalized racism. The American economy specifically depends significantly on the ideas and contributions of non-citizens. The best young minds in the world they come here, they enroll in our universities and once they graduate they stay. And we want them to stay. They become our engineers, our doctors, and our scientists. Non-citizens are not a threat to us, they are what will keep us competitive and better our nation.

A. Santos

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