The Book is Dead….?

Our generation has witnessed first hand the rise of online media, online literature to be precise. With the internet now serving as a major platform for people across the globe to share their thoughts, feeling, and ideas, print books have slowly but surely been put on the back burner.

Today you can Google “Harry Potter series” and on the same website we used to access our free copy of the Social Media Reader, you can find the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish.

This is so strange to me because I have vivid memories of waiting in line for hours the nights of the midnight releases of each additional book in the Harry Potter franchise, and on a school night nonetheless! What fazes me even more though, is the fact that this is surprising at all. I mean we all saw it coming. Didn’t we?

I’ll admit, there is definitely a convenience to having a small, portable device that can hold millions of pages compared to lugging around a heavy backpack. That’s actually why I got my tablet in the first place. My textbooks were just too heavy (and expensive). Now, we can rent these 800-paged monoliths, and at the click of a button they’re condensed into a weightless number on a gigabyte scale.

Still, there’s something very special about holding a tangible piece of literature, flipping each individual page with your fingers, and knowing when you’re halfway there by the crease in the spine. So what does the future hold for print media? Will even ground be established to ensure its survival. Or will it slowly wither away until one day, original print books like Harry Potter will be up for auction at Sotheby’s?

A. Santos

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  1. I can still remember waiting online for the new releases of some of my favorite books. I don’t think I will ever fully be able to switch over to digital. Holding the book in my hands makes the story real, and I already spend enough time as it is looking at a computer screen- don’t want that to become the way I read.

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