The Greatest Show on Earth: Donald Drumpf

Syrian refugees, unemployment, the education gap… these are all crises that have received less attention than deserved all because of one individual: Donald Drumpf.

For nearly a year now, all the attention he’s been receiving has baffled many, myself included. But the secrete to his success has been under our nose this entire time – Donald Drumpf is like a circus and the media has been playing into his games sine he first announced his candidacy back in 2016.

People LOVE the danger element of a circus. When a lion tamer sticks his head in the lions mouth, the audience is waiting to see the lion bite this guys head off. They want to know that this stuff is real and NEWS FLASH: IT IS REAL. IT IS VERY VERY REAL. We are literally watching a loaded gun stand on stage behind a podium and say anything it wants, i.e.: “Mexican’s are rapists!”

Donald Drumpf is the ringleader who knows how to work a crowd. After he canceled his appearance in Chicago, pure chaos ensued and it spread like wild fire. It was almost like one of those movies, where an asteroid is heading towards the earth and everyone is crowded around, watching the disaster unfold.

I will say this, its great to see people so inspire by politics that their doing more than just hashtagging their feelings but rather getting involved. At the same time however, people need to take caution. The narrative Drumpf is telling his supporters is that they’re under attack. That the nefarious, politically-correct left liberal force wants to silence them.

So, if the media were to step in and actually try to silence them, its like trying to put a fire out by adding more wood. You’ve given Drumpf the villain that up until now, he was making up. The truth is that Donald Drumpf didn’t just create an atmosphere for violence in his campaign, he carefully and deliberately engineered it. All that’s left now is to sit, wait, and maybe even pray.

Addemdum: Kudos to you if you get the “Drumpf” reference.

A. Santos



  1. yeah i am with yanilischeco on the “trumpf” i thought it was just a bad reoccurring typo, at first i was a trump supporter, but as time went on and more sensitive topics and questions were being asked, he never really does answer them, at this point i don’t even feel like voting… for anyone.

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