Blog Post about blog post?

When selecting this class, I often wondered what we would be doing in this class? Learning about the impact of media sounded interesting but what caught my eye the first day was being required to write a blog post each week. Throughout my first two years of college I have continually started new blog pages ranging from sports to fashion I have tried to consistently improve my writing skills through my blog pages. Over time I grew to love writing blogs, having others read my opinion and I actually enjoy my opinion was appealing so when I found out I could write blog post and get credit for them I instantly fell in love with this class. You might wonder why I am mentioning my weird affection for writing blogs, this is just the background information for why I chose to make a new website/blog website for my final project. I feel like Manhattanville college students would love to read about their sports teams and hearing from the players themselves. What will differ me and Joe’s website from others is that we hope to get the students to interact with the student athletes more than just a school paper could ever do. I am currently lining up interviews with a player from every athletic team Manhattanville has to have a wider variety of readers from the school. Making this website will take time but I hope it becomes a instant hit so I can continue running it throughout mmy time here at Manhattanville college


  1. You definitely should continue writing blogs! WordPress is a great website to do so. I’m also enjoying writing blogs a lot more because of this class, and wordpress makes it so easy. Can’t wait to read your future posts!

  2. I like your and Joe’s idea about creating this blog. As a student athlete, I am very interested in seeing what you guys will come up with! Since Mville is such a small campus, and pretty much everybody knows everybody, I can definitely see this being a hit!

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