The Grandfather of the Internet.

Last Week I was able to go to the Apple,Americans and Security vs The FBI lecture of the Provost’s Distinguished Lecture Series with Professor David Farber as the speaker. Noted as the “Grandfather of the Internet”, he has made considerable contributions to the growth of computer engineering and networking and also holds many positions and memberships within many computer communications and networking organizations. . In his discussion, he mentions the conflict between privacy, security and government and how the topic has come under large discussion after the San Bernardino shooting. At this moment the U.S government has had a conflict with Apple Inc. due to the fact that Apple refuses to release the cellphone of one of the shooters that may lead to a third suspect. Professor Farber discuses how Apple uses encryption as a means to protection for Apple users.  He also discuesses the insecurity of computers and how the idea that cellphones are just “mobile computers” but they are able to run encryptions  and how iPhones have raised a whole set of issues  where now our personal information are stored and the issue of iCloud having information within a sphere in which Apple is the only person to decipher it. In addition, he mentions about the new feature of iPhones where if ones password is entered ten times incorrectly and wipes out all the data on the phone which now shifts the level of protection from the company to the users.


-Carlos Zapata

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