1. i use emojis pretty often. they can be helpful sometimes. Eg. I use emojis when I am trying to lighten up the mood in texts. Like, if you’re in a discussion, and really wanna make sure the other person knows that you aren’t mad! haha, sounds ridiculous, I know, but texting can be tricky, one might misread the “mood” of the text, and here, a emoji will ease the tension… you know what i mean ?

  2. I normally use emojis when I’m texting my friends and family. Or sometimes I will only use emojis to tell someone what I’m thinking of or what I want lol. I texted my friends Saturday night with a bunch of beer emojis and a question mark, and well, everyone knew what I meant by that!

  3. I usually use emojis when I am texting my friends and I really use only a few of the same ones. However I also use them on Instagram as well.

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