Thoughts on Black Mirror.

After discussing Black Mirror in class a couple of times, I decided I would give the show a chance. I watched the first season, and was amazed about how the writer could make the episodes so real, even though it clearly is made up.

However, watching the episodes, I think to myself “ Damn, it might as well turn out like this in the future.” For example, there is an episode about a guy that is bike cycling in order to “earn” television hours. The entire episode is based on how obsessed the human is about constantly being connected, and how obsessed one is with having access to television and media 24/7.

I loved how this episode played with the way the world is starting to look like thanks to media. All people in the show were blinded by real life, and did not even understand that what was going on was too much, too crazy. No one, except this one guy that was depressed due to being lonely and his only friend was the TV. He wanted something real; he wanted to have a relationship with a person, not a TV.

Even though the episode was exaggerated, I understood the message. The author wanted to show how absurd it is that the human is so obsessed with TV and media.

I will keep watching this show; it is eye opening in a different way.

-Alex Carlbom-

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