Semester Update Vol. 2

Research Paper:

Okay so big news with Allison and I’s research paper, we currently 18 pages in with still over 1,000 words to go… so yeah we are both pretty much dead inside. But on the upside! We both decided to take Professor Proctor up on his deal that he made about getting a shoutout by “DR. MIAMI”(he may of thought it was a joke, but we all know that it was serious) and as said if we do, we both would get an automatic A on the paper. Well sorry Professor, Dr. Miami (Michael Salzhauer) got back to us today via email saying he would be happy to do it. So for all of you that don’t follow Dr. Miami on snapchat, this is his username:


Please add him, check his feed for the shout to “Joe+Alyson+Proctors Class”


The site is currently live with 1 blog post but there is more to come! We are going to be covering; baseball, golf, and lacrosse (men and women). Hopefully if we have enough time to meet the deadline we will have a piece in the touchstone, we will keep you update with that.


Open to comments and suggestions! Thanks everyone!


-Joe Bettini


  1. *Alyson* Our project is going great and I think that Dr. Miami is such a idol for all social media accounts.

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