Update now that I’m Famous

So Joe and I are famous. See video a few posts below. As for the rest of our paper we now are going to incorporate that video in order to show what a great and effective business model Dr. Miami has developed through social media. I mean he gets thousands of messages a day and he responded to us in two days… Amazing. Famous. Sigh. We should be done with the last 2-3 pages this week, but regardless Dr. Miami said we get an A.

As for Sarah and I creating a Geotag, we were able to successfully post and submit it to Snapchat and now its up to them to post it this Saturday and Sarah and I will get all the Snapchats that people create and see if our Geotag was popular and how people used it. Sarah did a great job using her design skills to create a super cool geotag… be on the lookout everyone this Saturday.



  1. It’s awesome that he replied back to you guys! I started following him on snap, but the videos were a little too much for me to handle, lol, I had to delete his account after a few days! but it is a cool thing!

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