Update On Research Paper

Everything is going pretty well so far. I picked out a couple of popular YouTube content creators to use as examples throughout my paper. I figured it would be best to use how they brand themselves, their fanbase and also their entrepreneurship success to tie in a lot of the main points I plan to make. They both also make two different types of content. I’ve been also looking through different social media accounts of content creators to see the image they present to their followers as well as how they promote products.

I’ll be doing a brief survey in class Thursday to get an idea of viewing habits and influences YouTube may have on our age group. I think this will be helpful since I’ll be comparing our age group to a younger group of teenagers. I’ll also be interviewing a couple of friends who I know make YouTube videos to get and idea on how they want to brand themselves and influence their audience.

I’m half way through my paper and everything is running smoothly so far!


Shanice Peters

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