My Semester Project

Franco Fino’s Virtual Article Portfolio

For my semester project, I decided to create a virtual portfolio of all of my professional publications. As a senior, I felt that it was necessary for me to develop a project that I could envision myself continuing post-graduation. That being said, as an aspiring reporter, I decided to jump into the 21st century. As time progresses, there are more notable journalists creating virtual article portfolios to display their work. Considering I am currently searching for a job as a reporter, what better way is there to impress a potential employer than to have a virtual portfolio like other professionals in the industry.

When you type francofino.com into your search bar, it will take you to my homepage. On the homepage, you will notice a brief slideshow of newspaper covers in which my story was featured on the cover. If you click on the About section, there will be a description about myself and my experience. The most important part of my website, the Publications tab, will bring you to a page displaying tabs of all my published articles. As you might notice, above each story will be a category such as News or Leisure. If you click on the News tab it will take you to a page including every story in the News category. There is also a tab titled Resume, which is obviously a page displaying a png. version of my resume.

I was capable of linking my website to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages, as well as including a search bar at the top of the page. Along with that, you might notice a recent post and archives section on the righthand side of the website.

I would say that my website is not entirely complete, and there is so much more I envision doing to create a professional virtual article portfolio.

Franco Fino


  1. Your website was great! I read a few of your articles and they were great. I think this could help with jobs in the future!

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