My last blog post :'(


As my time at Mville comes to an end I couldn’t have thought of a better way to tell the story of my journey as college gal than through emojis. It was during the time the class of 2016 entered college when the emoji made its way into the iPhone and began to gain star power. Being an iPhone user myself, I was a little skeptical of the symbols when I first saw them appear on social media. Although hesitant at first, I downloaded the emoji application and from that day nothing has been the same. I now find myself using emojis on the daily basis and couldn’t imagine texting in the 21st century without them. My experience with emojis though is also a parallel to my college career. As we all probably felt, I was scared when coming to college but after settling in and getting accustomed to the roam of things I realized it was not as I bad as I thought it would be. When I graduated high school I could’ve never imagined that I would’ve endured and experience everything I have in these past four years. I stepped out of my comfort zone countless times and grew enormously. As it all comes to an end, I reflect through emojis.

– Yanilis Checo


  1. You killed that project ! It was fire I must admit. I can’t believe you’re really graduating. I am going to miss you dearly Yani :(. I love you much and I wish you all the best. Don’t get fake though, better still hear from you once you leave. You know maybe even come back for one of my ball games 🙂 ?

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