Semester Project: Alex Santos

For my semester project I struggled to find something that I thought would be both fun and interesting. But then as the semester started winding down, and I found myself coming back to a seemingly emptier and emptier dorm, I finally realized what I wanted to do. So I created an instagram account and contacted just about all my friends from other colleges and shared with them my idea. I wanted to create an account dedicated to the creativity behind college dorm décor.

@coast_to_coast_dorms has totally evolved from my original idea and I couldn’t be happier with it. At first I wanted to make the posts exclusively pictures of graduating seniors rooms on the Manhattanville campus. But since I wasn’t on campus much of this week I decided to reach out to some of my friends who then reached out to their friends and their friends and so forth and next thing I knew, dozens of students from literally all over the world (over 30 different colleges and counting) had contacted me wanting have their dorm rooms posted to my account!

This was both excited and a little overwhelming so I decided to make a couple rules that I’ll discuss more in class. But overall I had a ton of fun with this project. I’ve received a lot of really positive feedback as well. I invite you all to take a look at the page, follow & like, and let me know if you’d like your room to be featured!
A. Santos

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