Should a student be penalized for an error in technology literacy?

This is one of my last blog posts and quite frankly this is a good question that I wish we had talked about during class. We have all done it, we’ve all been the victim of an unsent email, crashed computer, pure confusion on how to use specific platforms. From montgomeryschools.org they define media literacy as follows; “Technology literacy is the ability of an individual, working independently and with others, to responsibly, appropriately and effectively use technology tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information.”

As literate as millennials are, technology is always changing and we are always expanding. There are so many platforms that the school systems use that it is easy to confuse what you are suppose to be doing. Though, my question is this: should a students grade be effected by an accidental mishap through technology even if they have done the assignment, came to class prepared and ready to be active and involved during the assignment discussion? Especially if they are able to upload the assignment, just to the wrong platform. This shows that they took the time and did the work. I understand if the student didn’t follow the directions, punishment for that is a different story.

If you put it into perspective; 20 years ago we wouldn’t even had this problem! You would either turn your homework in on time, in class, or it was late. Our society is still adjusting to technology and transferring the way we share our documents with each other. What are your thoughts? What do you think is fair?

-Arinn Williams


  1. I totally agree in the past i have had numerous papers handed in late because my computer broke or a email wasn’t sent i feel if we can prove it was a technological error we shouldn’t be held at fault.

  2. This actually happened to me senior year of high school. I finished a final paper and as soon as I was about to save my computer shut down and everything was lost. I had to have my mother write my teacher a note explaining what happened and she gave me an extra day to do it with no penalty. But today it might not fly because technology has improved since then. Now I have a chromebook, so whenever I type it saves right away to my google drive and I can access that on any computer with my google account. So even if my computer has a malfunction I still can access my work

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