Class Reflection

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this class. I must say I’ve enjoyed coming to this class every week. It was a class that I never had a dull moment with. What I loved the most about this class  is that we had discussions about topics we’re all passionate about. By talking about our passions and interests we were able to discover more on how it connects to social media and just our world in general. I also enjoyed have the creative freedom to write a research paper on a topic that I am passionate about and to create a semester project that reflects my passion for the YouTube world. Also, everyone in our class was great! We had great laughs and great conversations that will stick with me. Overall, this was a great class and I will recommend this course for sure! Thank you to everyone for making this class a blast and thanks Professor Proctor for pushing us to really think.

Enjoy your summer!

Shanice Peters

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  1. I hope you have a great summer and it was nice having a class with you ! Professor did always get our minds going and that’s what I liked about this class, and we always kept it real and down to earth.

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