Class review

Throughout the year this class has always been my favorite to come to. I felt professor Proctor did a great job mixing learning and group conversations. I also loved how engaged everyone was in group conversations, I must say I learned a ton about copyright and the media 1.0 and 2.0. I also loved doing our group project and blogs throughout the year. I felt engaged in social problems by being required to write from stories on the media. We all know I did not like that paper but I felt professor proctor did a great job incorporating group talks about someone’s paper. I felt as if we all helped each other succeed with our final group projects and papers. I also really enjoyed our interview with Justin peters, that was one of the coolest things I had ever part taken in aa classroom. Being able to talk to the author of the book was really interesting. All in all I really enjoyed this class and I wish I could take another like this next semester (even though I probably won’t).


  1. Our classroom setting was a great learning environment and I agree from taking this class I am now getting more involved with social problems and just media all together. Copyright, trademark and all the other things we learned I did kind of know about before this class but by the way we dug deeper into the aspects of media, technology, and rights it helped me really understand it.

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