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It’s sad that we come to an end in our Journey. To the Seniors, congratulations, I hope you guys do big things in life and live your dreams. One more year and I’ll be out there in the big world too, making that mulaaa. This class was a very memorable and exciting one. I must admit that I did learn a lot from this class. It opened my eyes to view media in a whole new different way and I appreciate this new outlook. I couldn’t have asked for better people to share this class with. I might not have shown it but I loved taking this class with each and every one of you, it was a great experience. Talking to Justin Peters and getting a shout out from Dr. Miami ( i think his name is) was 2 of my favorite moments in class. If I could take this class again I would just because Professor Proctor is the realist out there :). This class also helped me with the laws of copyright, trademark, and other laws that I need to know for the type of business that I want to run once I get out of school. This class also introduced me to the community and world of blogging. I never blogged before I came into this class and it is actually something I think I coulg get in to and keep going with. Well I hope everyone enjoyed our class ! Enjoy your summer and seniors goodluck in the real world.

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-Sarah Kelley

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