You can never have too much knowledge.

I have a belief that there is no such thing as learning too much. I believe that any information is good information, and can be valuable. Some information, more valuable than others, but all information no matter how important adds to the overall intelligence of a human being. This relates to the idea of cognitive surplus. By having the ability to consume more media than ever beforeĀ at the tip of our fingertips, and being apart of the first generation to do so, we have the ability to gain more information than any generation before us. I believe that, that fact alone has helped grow the overall intelligence of our generation. Thoughts?


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    While I agree that information has great value, I disagree that all information is good information. Human beings have always relentlessly pursued information to further our survival as well as increase our knowledge about the universe we live in. However although I see the point of such an endeavor, it is a idea fueled by our own selfish hunger to understand everything. Information can be both warped and ignored, regardless information serves the needs of he/she that contains the knowledge. More often than not we use information against one another rather than using it the further the good of us all. In addition I think to a certain extent we trap ourselves in the cycle of over consumtion of information.

  2. I agree with you in that all information is valuable. I think that the information itself is neither positive nor negative; it’s what we humans do with it that yields a positive or negative affect. So I agree with jh135882; we use information for our own selfish advancements at the expense of others. But that’s on the human, not the knowledge that’s available. If anything, egotistical humans are the negative that uses information to create more negative.

  3. Information, itself, is not a dangerous thing. The way that humans use this information can be very dangerous. For example, think of the hacking that occurs within the government of the United States, or the controversial issue of Edward Snowden revealing to American citizens that their privacy is not a reality.

  4. I’d have to agree- all information is good information. I mentioned in my post that perhaps the “fluff” that we spoke of maybe used differently to advance our overall knowledge. The things we have learned on the internet that aren’t particularly making us smarter are helping us in different areas. How often do we talk about something we found on a database, in comparison to something we found hilarious on social media? This “fluff” sparks human interaction, which eventually increases our knowledge. By speaking to other people it opens up our perceptions of different things, which makes us more likely to want to learn more about topics we may have not been interested in before. Just food for thought on the whole excess info thing.

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