Your not a Robot! Don’t act like one!

The other day I found myself 30 feet up a tree in the middle of a field without any trace of human kind as far as I could see. This might seem odd to intentionally put myself in this situation but truth is this usually how I spend my time. I’ve always felt that everyone should be encouraged to explore the world around them, maybe not by climbing something high enough where one misstep can be the difference between wether or not you’ll be spending your night in the hospital, but hopefully you get what I mean. Go outside, go for a walk, sniff the flowers, the kind of thing.

Unfortunately not everyone seems to share my desire to live in the world in front of us. In an age of digital interconnectivity sometimes its just easier to live online. Our adventures feel better to watch on Youtube from the comfort of a chair, our conversations take place in chat rooms and comment sections, our self worth dependent on how many likes a picture you posted an hour ago has got. Its easy to ignore reality when you can dive into another without any idea of when you’ll resurface. I can walk outside completely naked and have at least a 50% chance of not being seen because no one bothers to leave the house unless they need to, and even when if they did I’d still have a chance of remaining unseen because looking at me would involve putting their phone down for a minimum of 2 seconds.

Maybe at times I can be a little hard on social media at times, but thats only because it’s frustrating to feel like the only person left on earth living in the real world. I’m not saying we should all become Amish otherwise Terminator will become a documentary, however if we could all put down our phones for just a few minutes a day maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Let me know what you think.


  1. I certainly agree that technology has taken away some of the intimacy that people once shared with each other. Technology is not a bad thing; what matters is the way that we (as humans) use it and control how much of it slips into our everyday lives.

  2. You definitely aren’t the only one that feels this way. It feels pretty lonely to be looking up when everyone else is looking down. And some of the time I think we all find ourselves to be part of the pack that’s focused on screens. I agree with you in that seeking and appreciating time with friends, nature, and anything that requires the body as much as– if not more than- the brain. Technology today has certainly come very far and become greatly beneficial to us humans. But it does take away from how often interpersonal, face to face connections are made. In that sense it would be a comfort to know that people were more willing to see you– or even call you- rather than text you. If that was more likely, you wouldn’t even need to consider walking around naked anymore. That’s a good thing, right? Haha.

  3. I agree. I believe that technology has taken away some of our appreciation for the basic world around us. However, I believe technology has had some benefits both in the classroom and the work world.

  4. I love this, I agree with you 100%. I live on a farm so I have such and appreciation for the world itself. I feel like that love for nature and experience is a piece of me I don’t typically get to share with people because they never leave the house to take it in. Obviously I’m an avid user of technology and social media, but that is something incomparable to the real world. It’s sad to think our generation lives vicariously through other peoples social media instead of living our own lives.

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