An Anonymous Voice

In today’s world, Individuals have the option of remaining anonymous online and on social media. I know that this can be identified as both a positive and a negative based on perspective.  I personally  believe this can be a positive in the sense that one can express themselves or raise a voice online without being identified. In which case, One may find a new sense of courage or confidence to speak out on an issues that they might be facing or that they may have an opinion on. A great example of this in my opinion, Is online self- help blogs such as ”Dear Sugar” who was later identified as Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl Strayed is an American author and activist who started this advice columnist a few years back under code name ”Sugar.” This blog was very successful and gave fans and individuals who were seeking her advice a chance to reach out to her anonymously with whatever problem they may have been facing. I used this example because  I have personally done a great deal of research on this topic and have found that statistics say now a days more individuals are willing to seek help. Due to the large amounts of online self help blogs, books, and methods that are available today.


  1. I agree with a lot of the things you said here! I think that posting things on the media in an anonymous way can result in a learning experience especially in the class room.

  2. Anonymity is a double-edged sword, as anything that stems from the media has its downfalls. I’ve actually never read Cheryl Strayed’s book, but I’ll have to take a look the next time I’m in the bookstore.

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