Anonymous Voices

Throughout many decades the internet has begun to play a larger role in everyday lives. More and more each day people are getting bullied behind the screen on social media. The questions arises more in today’s society that being anonymous behind a screen entitles people to say whatever they want. Personally, I have never said something mean or harmful behind the screen however, I have been bullied this way. There are been many stories in the media where people have taken advantage of this anonymous act. Many people that participate in anonymity tend to be insecure about themselves and don’t realize that what they’re doing actually is hurting someone else.

Some people may think that this act of anonymity can be a positive attribute. This can be a very helpful tool in the schooling system when trying to learn. Students enjoy giving feedback when they respond anonymously. Also, in a group setting students are more likely to respond to work that doesn’t show a specific author. Aside from this positive there are also several negatives that play a role. For example, the social media site Formspring allows users to post on other user’s accounts writing whatever they want anonymously, whether it’d be positive or negative comments. This has led to more negative comments than positive as well as many users needing counseling and other needs due to this horrific activity. Overall, the use of anonymity shouldn’t be allowed on the internet and other social medias. The use of this allows people to say whatever they want without being punished which shouldn’t happen.

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  1. Because eliminating technology (something that is a huge part of our generation) is very unreasonable and not very realistic, we need to come up with improvements. Anonymity online can be very dangerous; while I don’t believe in extreme censorship (China), I am certainly all for a closer monitoring system on social media communities to ensure that all members are following “the law.”

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