Decontextualized Discourse

The term “Decontextualized Discourse” means that any individual can say anything to another human being over text, online, etc. without fear of any repercussions. This term is something that is seen daily. People have this new kind of confidence when it comes to saying how they really feel about someone or something through some sort of technology. For example, a girl asks her friend (in person) about an outfit that she plans on wearing. Usually girls would just say the typical “Oh you look so pretty” or “that’s super cute.” But now, if that same girl takes a picture of what she plans to wear and sends it through text asking the same question, another whole door opens and gives the friend lee way to say things like “that’s really ugly” without the fear of hurting her friends feelings or seeing that friends reaction to that very comment. The whole idea of face-to-face interact is dodged because of technology and media.

Another way that “Contextualized Discourse” is present in our society is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. People will see a post from an individual and will have no remorse commenting inappropriate things. Do you think that an individual would call someone names to there face without hiding behind some sort of technological device? I think not.



  1. You really analyzed this well. The example you used about the girl asking her friend about the outfit she was going to wear really puts into perspective the term you used, Decontextualized Discourse. I agree with a lot of the things you said especially the way this term is used when it comes to Instagram. Many people will still post how they really feel about something even if they’re not anonymous!

  2. I like how the examples you gave where not only something you can relate to but something that anyone reading this is able to relate to and agree upon. I A also liked how you put a question at the end to wrap it up. You can tell you put in a lot of effort in this assignment.

  3. To answer your question from this blog post– NO!!! Many of the terrible things that cyber bullies say online would most likely never be said to anyone’s face. So how “mean” could a cyber bully be, if they can’t even be mean in-person?

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