The New Trend: Anonymous Cyber Bullying

The world wide web has become in many ways a blessing and a curse. Our numerous social media gives us a platform for our opinions and like minded interests but some of these platforms also provide us with anonymity which has become dangerous in many ways than one and a comfort to many. Whether it’s a cite that enables you to make comments as “Anonymous” or the simple safety and reassurance people seem to find in knowing they’ll never have to meet or see the person they’ve just called ugly and worse words. The safety net which the internet provides for these “trolls” enables a rise in what we know today as Cyber Bullying; a phenomenon that has led to hundreds of campaigns and even movies meant to encourage us to be aware of the things we say and how it might hurt the person on the other side of the screen. People have the ability to be faceless and nameless, which encourages a more ruthless and merciless comment and reaction. Take for example, a celebrities social media page. It has become a hobby of mine to look into the comment section whenever a celebrity posts a photo because it is simply amazing how angered people get by Kim Kardashian posting a selfie or her breakfast. To see comments like, “You’re posting your food instead of donating money to give food to kids in Africa and Asia” or the more common, “slut”, “trash” , “rich but has no career or talent”. People find comfort in knowing a Celebrity has no idea who they are and will probably never meet them and leave thousands of hurtful comments on most of all Celebrity’s social media; Once again, forgetting someone is on the other side of the screen. It is great that social media has allowed us a platform to express our opinions and interest but I believe we abuse it in many ways.

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  1. Cyber bullying is usually associated with teenagers, but I have never really thought about all of the attention that the social media of celebrities receive. Very interesting post!

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