The Question Marks

It would be easy for me to say that saying anything you want online is a breeding ground for cyber bullying and we should all put attach our names to our words as a form of responsibilty. Saying this would not be wrong, but it would not be fair either. For all our progress and success as a species we are far from perfect, everyone has flaws and sometimes everyone has a preffered ¬†way of receiving information. Sometimes this applies to media and sometimes it applies to people, and when you’re talking about people this means everyone has a preference for the person giving information just as much for the information given. For a some individuals the only way to get other to listen is to take away everything but the words written and assuming the identity of a literal question mark. I am of course talking about posting anonymously .

I should first tell you that I myself don’t post comments anonymously, but then again I tend not to post comments at all so I guess in some sense I am neural in this argument. However, I hold one opinion on the subject that I believe is worth sharing, and that opinion is that people are too selective about the authors of information. Do you ever wonder if Harry Potter would ever have gotten published if J.K. Rowling hadn’t concealed the fact that she was a woman? Maybe If you were the single soul in charge of publishing what was on your desk that peticualr day, but you were not. Instead that desk didn’t belong to a single soul but a manifestation of our own bias for information, not a man, not a woman, but a cultural framing for “This is what people want to see. This is what people don’t want to see.”

Sometimes it better to focus more on words and quality stories than authors and identities. The sooner we all admit that our bias for information can be easily scewed by the presumption of normalcy, the sooner we can admit that it serves no purpose in the 21st century. Maybe if that were the world we live in none of us would have to be question marks.

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