Apps that I do and don’t use.

The apps that I find myself most on are snapchat, instagram, and spotify. I use snapchat often because there’s something constantly going on whether someone shapchatted me personally or put a story, I can feel and stay connected through their posts. I like that that snapchat has the feature of your pictures disappearing once sent. There is a sense of security in that no one can be showing others what I send them. I find myself on instgram a lot as well, as soon as I’m bored ill tap into that app. Like snapchat, my followers post pictures and I can explore around. Unlike, snapchat instagram pictures are not as current, meaning users wait a few hours or even days to post their picture. Spoitify is the app I use for music if I’m at the gym or driving in my car I will always be on spotify. I enjoy spotify because it combines many apps into one. Similar to Pandora, you can listen to artist radios, which will have music of that artist plus more. I can also make my own playlist and share them with friends. The cool thing about spoitfy is that it’s connected through my facebook so its easy to say connected with other users.

I rarely have apps on my phone that I don’t use simply because of storage issues. But, I have the blackboard app on my phone, which I never use, I only keep it on my phone for any push notifications or if I need a professors email


  1. I completely agree with you. I have the same connection with social media and feel like I have to stay connected all the time. In today’s society the internet as well as social media forces us to stay connected all the time. Throughout the day and night time, I find myself continuously checking these applications without hesitation.

  2. It’s funny that Blackboard is not really prioritized as being as important as the rest of our social media apps. What are some the apps that you would choose to delete, if your phone did start running out of storage?

  3. I agree completely. I definitely have apps on my phone that i just don’t because of storage. It always is amazing to me how these tiny little apps can take up so much space. LOL

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