Cyberspace: The Second Battlefield

The evolution of war has a trend of increasing in subtlety. Army bands used to march and bang on drums to announce arrival, now military advances are made through stealth. Even more recently, cyber warfare has come to emerge.

Anonymous, an international network of hacktivists, has made successful efforts to hack websites associated with ISIS and shut them down. Now ISIS seeks to further complicate their place on the internet to avoid hackers. It’s a constant chase. The immediacy of the internet makes for more effective expansion of a group’s beliefs and population, more so than it would to spread ideas face-to-face. It’s a matter of stopping the propaganda before it reaches people, a fight of instantaneous fallbacks and advancements.

This is the level at which one must confront international threats, terrorist groups. Live, interpersonal warfare is no longer the only method. It’s the spread and prevention of the spread of ideas that is of equal value and threat.

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