Just taking up storage

We all have those apps that just sit on your phone just taking up storage that you can’t afford to waste. About 10 times a day the “Storage is almost full” pops up on my phone reminding me of all the junk that is just collecting dust on my phone. While looking through my phone I came across old games that were popular last year and I haven’t touched in months. I also came across apps that were already on the phone and can’t be removed. Apple actually put apps onto the phone, took up more space and won’t allow you to delete the unnecessary apps that are taking up precious space that can be held by something that I really need. Why are you forcing apps on us Apple?

Where am I using a compass? Why do I need to see the stocks? I am not investing anytime soon. I don’t need Ibooks because all the books I need are in the store ready for me. Why do I need tips? I don’t use it, so why can’t I delete it? However, there are some apps that are irrelevant but can be useful to me once in a blue moon. The weather is useful, the calculator is useful, maps is useful even though I have a different app that is a lot better to use when trying to get places, the newspaper is never being used old my phone so why can’t I delete it ? I personally don’t use these apps because I don’t need them, that could be completely different for other people. Others might not like the apps that I use either.

Some people might use apps more than others but if we choose not to use certain apps we should be allowed to delete them to clear up some storage for necessary apps or for just storage purposes in general. The apps that I personally use the most is Instagram, snapchat, and twitter. I do play some games but not religiously. I really just wish I could make that storage notification stop popping up without deleting things that I need and use the most. Help me out Apple.

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